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English language speakers in Nantes' area, InfoFix can work with you also !

Welcome on the website of my computer repair services business. I won't make a full version of it in English language, so if you need anything, give me a call on any day of the week from 10AM to 8PM during the week, or 3PM to 7PM during the week-end, this on the following number : +33(0)674020740. You can also get more details about how to reach me here, there's also an map present on this page.

I know that it's not always easy for travelers, tourists, and students arriving in a new city, in a new country, to get served when they do not speak the language. Hopefully, I'm here to help for all your computer troubles. I speak quite fluently English (albeit imperfectly), with a C1 level (I speak it at home, as well as in a part of my social activities), and can provide you the same kind of service I provide to my French speaking customers, even on complex computer-related matters.

Virus cleaning, OS boot issues solving, software and hardware problems, OS installation, migration, or upgrade, software based data-recovery, hardware replacements on ATX compatible towers or even laptops (not screens), I have more than 2 decades of experience, more than one decade as a professional technician, so I'm a jack of most trades and can get the job done, in a fast & reliable manner !

Here is the list of my services :

  • Fixing non-booting computers (hardware of software issue), and fastening slow computers ;
  • Cleaning up viruses and trojan horses ;
  • Recovering lost data (logical problem like formated partition or deleted data, damaged external case) ;
  • Reinstall your whole operating system (OS like Windows, Linux), your programs, after having recovered your data on a non-working installation, and if necessary change the hard-drive ;
  • Migrating your OS, programs and Data to a SSD so your computer runs faster, or to a new computer ;
  • Assembling a new computer (custom tower or customized laptop).

So, don't hesitate to call me on the +33(0)674020740 (also on Vibet, Whatsapp, and Imo with this number) if your situation requires my service, I'll be happy to help you out in English as I do help my local customers in French.

If you can, don't forget to contact me by advance to schedule your visit, because I'm working alone and I'm not always at InfoFix's address. And because there's a lot of foreign phone-spammers calling around in France, it's even better to use Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Imo or Skype to contact me and if no answer on call, write me a few words so you can be certain that I can contact you back and will do so ASAP if I miss your call.

Also, as a side note because I've been asked, yes, my website is quite retro ! That's because it's hand-coded ; I'm not really interested by the design trends, only by the standards of my job, from the hardware to the service !

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